VTE State of commitment form

How can I sign the VTE statement of commitment?

Step 1

Read the VTE statement of commitment

For anyone interested in getting involved in the VTE development ecosystem, here’s how:

  • Complete the form :
    • Provide their contact information.
    • Mention their interests (motivation) towards the energy transition.
    • State their specifics implications in VTE.
    • Option: check box to become an official member of the VTE Assembly of
      Members and provide the resolution of their organization/company
      indicating that they are the authorized representative.
  • Electronically sign their VTE STATEMENT OF COMMITMENT.
  • Receive an acknowledgment of receipt confirming that the process is under
  • Receive an authorization number as an member in good standing confirming
    that it is officially accepted:

    • A committee of three (3) persons delegated by the Board will receive the
      VTE STATEMENT OF COMMITMENT signature notices in order to analyze the profile of the person and to contact them if additional questions are needed.
    • To be accepted, delegates must unanimously authorize the person to become an official member.

Note that a member who defaults on his commitment may have his authorization withdrawn. The member who loses his authorization will receive an email stating the reasons for his withdrawal.

Step 2

Complete our form